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Along with our continued support, we want to provide you with local resources to help.

There are many local and national grants available that you and your small business can apply for. We also recommend visiting your state’s website to find out what is available.

View them here: Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Louisiana 


Small businesses may also consider the following resources for assistance:

U.S. Business Administration

The U.S Small Business Administration is providing low-interest disaster loans to help businesses recover from declared disasters like COVID-19.

Find Your Bank

Many banks are offering relief to their customers affected by the coronavirus.

ICSC Small Business Resources

ICSC has compiled a list of Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources, a Local Assistance Directory, as well as an instructional video on how to navigate the process of receiving Coronavirus Assistance from the SBA.

Forbes Small Business Relief Tracker: Funding, Grants, and Resources For Business Owners

In an effort to help business owners find financial relief, has collected a list of all of the government agencies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations that are extending support.

Print Resources from the CDC

The CDC has provided the following print-only materials that were developed to support COVID-19 recommendations. All materials are free for download.


Tips To Stay Operational

Consider these tips on how your business can stay operational and “contact-less”.

  • Pickup: Curbside or “contact-less” pickup can be a good way to distribute food without the delivery fees or hassle. Pick-up can be facilitated for large meals or freezer-ready meals customers can store during their time at home, so consider partnering with organizations too. Try promoting this feature on social media.
  • Delivery: More restaurants are opting in to “no-contact” delivery. Among the many delivery options, GrubHub announced they are waiving delivery fees; you can become a GrubHub partner to access fee-free delivery here.
  • Gift Cards: Consumers have demonstrated an interest in buying gift cards at local businesses to support them during closures and quarantine. Offering full-price or discounted gift cards can provide a way for loyal customers to support you. has launched a “dining bonds” program — learn how to participate here. If you are a Square customer, you can use the platform to create digital gift cards. Kabbage also launched a free gift card portal with immediate access to earnings here. Social media can be a powerful way to share offers.
  • Merchandise: Similar to gift cards, selling merchandise online such as hats, shirts, pins, bottle openers, etc. can be a great way to generate customer support. Should delivery not be an option, merchandise might be “pre-ordered” to be reserved for pickup at a later date.
  • At Home Tutorials: Many businesses are offering live stream classes and sessions at discounted rates (such as $6 yoga classes via live stream or a $50 week-long cooking class subscription). Consider ways to bring your business experience into the home using video conferencing tools.




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